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I continue to find I have great opportunities to practice responding vs reacting. I was first introduced...

Yoga Wall Core Focus has 3 videos total

LEVEL 1- Standing Abs Series

Learn an abdominal strengthening series that is performed at the yoga wall. This is great...

This 25-minute yoga practice is for yoga students who have a current yoga practice. He developed this practice to improve his balance, strength, and flexibility...

Learn techniques to connect to your deep hip muscles with internal rotation and combination of abduction and adduction. Enjoy.

Equipment needed:

* Wall

* Yoga block


Practice video from page 136 of Therapeutic Answers to Common Yoga Pose Questions.

The focus of the instructions is on the lower body and torso*.  *If your balance is a concern consider doing these poses with your back close to a wall.

Learn how to use the roller to rock and roll your latissimus dorsi, quadriceps, and iliotibial band (IT band) from origin to insertion.

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Isolate your Deep Hip Muscles

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