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Learn techniques to release your shoulder and neck muscles with your hands and a stretch for your neck and shoulder.

This video will take you through hip stretches to help relieve low back pain.

This study shows abnormal findings on the low back of HEALTHY PAIN FREE subjects.

There are techniques to bring awareness to the diaphragm muscle, which results in dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine and improved pain management.

Matt Taylor PT, PhD does an excellent job explaining the anatomy of deep breathing and how diaphragmatic breathing can improve pain, mood, and much more.

Lorimer does a great job combining humor and storytelling to explain why things hurt and why pain sensation isn’t an accurate assessment of what is happening in...

This poster combines a variety of studies that show abnormal findings DO NOT lead to limitation in strength or pain and are in fact NORMAL age related changes.

This information is understandable and appropriate for patients and clinicians.

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Isolate your Deep Hip Muscles

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