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The purpose of feelings is to express a need. Although I have heard this simple statement before, I find I need to revisit it on a regular basis. Although, I feel I have become better at expressing my feelings, I find I still get tongue tied when expressing my needs. I find myself being concerned about coming off as "needy", high maintenance, or weak as a friend, partner, or leader in the community. Here are few examples of my need, feeling, and action.

Although I live in Tucson where it is sunny 90% of the time, I need sunlight throughout the day.

Feeling: low energy, sadness, isolated

Action: take walks or stand outside for 10 minutes once a day.

I need 8 to 9 hours of sleep at night.

Feeling: irritable, edgy, exhausted

Action: if I miss out on 8 hours or try to catch up another night by going to bed earlier or take a nap over the weekend.

I need positive feedback to feel like I am doing a good job.

Feeling: scared, paranoid, anxious

Action: Ask for positive feedback or a pep talk from my friends, husband, or assistant

Although I am an independent and self-sufficient person, my ability to express my needs helps me enjoy my life more. Like most things in life, identifying and expressing your needs takes practice.

What needs do you have?

What feelings and actions accompany those needs?



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