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I am Learning to Like Making Mistakes (especially the little ones)

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I am learning to like making mistakes, especially the little ones in preparation for the bigger ones. One example is when I sent a newsletter which included “<< Test First Name >>” instead of a name to over a 1000 subscribers. Although it would be easy for me to blame my assistant for this mistake. I recognized that I have made similar mistakes including name code errors a few times in past newsletters.

There is a tendency to give myself a hard time about “knowing better” and get embarrassed that I am still making mistakes after so many years. Instead, I found myself being grateful for showing my readers that I am not perfect and I still make mistakes. The good news about making a bunch of little mistakes is you get to practice seeing the lessons with less emotional and psychological pain. This seems to help me when bigger mistakes happen, I find I am more likely to see the lesson under all the distress. It is quite common for me to make mistakes in everyday written communications as well. I often skip words and sometimes forgetting really important words, like NOT. I use to blame this on a learning disability I believe I had since childhood. However, it seem to happen most often when I think faster than I type.

I have learned to read my communication out loud but even then I still make mistakes. I do my best to find compassion towards myself and tell myself I am still learning. When I am in a learning mindset I am more likely to stay curious and not beat myself up for not being a strong writer. What are the lessons you have learned from your little or big mistakes? I try to remind myself that success is NOT about never making mistakes but instead making mistakes and learning from them.



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