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Jaimie has been working with people in a physical therapy setting since 1998. Her current yoga therapy practice combines her experience as a physical therapist, yoga therapist, and as a person who has experienced healing in her own body. Jaimie's combination of experience helps her guide clients beyond their specific symptoms towards a feeling of empowerment. Jaimie's clients take an active role in their healing process and together they look to find the sources of symptoms.

In particular, Jaimie empowers her clients by exploring with them what habits, patterns, or belief may be contributing to their conditions. As she gets to know the people she works with, she is increasingly able to guide them in the direction of their unique goals. As her client, she will provide you with personalized handouts, videos, and additional resources so that you can take your healing process home with you. Jaimie schedules follow-up sessions 2 to 3 weeks apart to allow for new habits to develop. She encourages all her clients to email questions about their programs between sessions to assure they are on the right track.

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