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I talk about self-care a lot and shared that self-care is essential for me to be successful and happy. However, it is not as easy as it looks or sounds. I have tried a bunch of ways to make self-care easier:

  • I have put it in my calendar, aka my brain

  • I have shared ideas with my husband and friends

  • I have made a point to do my self-care activities in the morning before I get distracted by my daily tasks.

Although these techniques are helpful and mostly work, I still find myself struggling to take time for myself.

I have gone on a trip for 5 days and did not check my email all 5 days (not even peeking). It was amazing but not easy. I would check in with Jenni, my assistant, every morning. After personal check-ins, I asked her if there were any work questions. She reminded me I was on vacation and if there was anything urgent she would let me know. This helped me realize that I need help and support to do self-care consistently and well. Now that I have more time in my schedule I find making self-care a priority is key to keep me calmer and more confident that everything is going to be alright.

How do you make your self-care easier?

What kind of support do you require to keep up with your self-care?



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