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I am slightly obsessed with Brene Brown’s book Dare to Lead. I have listened to it twice and printed all the downloads from the Dare to Lead Hub. I especially like her definition of the anatomy of trust, which she explains with the acronym BRAVING. The acronym stands for Boundaries, Reliability, Accountability, Vault, Integrity, Non-Judgement and Generosity. She suggests using these qualities when talking about trust. I have learned valuable lessons about sharing my truth and wanted to share how I apply the BRAVING acronym to sharing my truth.


What is OK to share and NOT OK to share with whom and where?

Check in with what is OK to share,

Start slow

Consider where is the best place to share: text, phone, in person, or social media


Am I telling my truth in a way that is reliable and consistent each time I tell it?

I have taken time to process the feelings that have to accompany this truth

I am able to tell a similar version of the story when repeating. (This can be challenging when you are a verbal processor like me.)


Is my truth being told in a way I can hold myself accountable to?

When speaking my truth I share from a mature and respectful place.


Am I sharing my truth with the appropriate people or crowd?

Am I sharing my truth and not somebody else’s?

When sharing my truth I use “I” statements

Ask myself if sharing is safe with the people or group


Is the way I am sharing my truth and the details I am sharing within my values?

First determine my values, which are:

Accountability, Integrity, and Learning

Check to see if my truth includes all 3


Am I sharing my truth in a non-judgmental way towards myself or others?

When sharing my truth do I avoid using negative statements about others to feel better about myself?


Have I shared my truth in a generous way to help empower people?

When sharing my truth is my intention to empower people?

Speaking one's truth can be very scary at first for many of us. I'm working towards getting more refined with speaking my truth. I am starting to ask myself these questions inspired by Brene’s BRAVING Inventory.

In what area would you like to refine speaking your truth?



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