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I have been known to say “time flies when you are having fun” or “good things happen fast and bad things happen slow”.

The funny thing is the speed of time is the same no matter what I am doing. However, my awareness of time changes depending on what I am doing. If I am spending time talking with a friend my time goes quickly and if I am doing taxes it seems like time is moving in slow motion.

To increase my awareness of time, I am exploring the idea of time being an asset. When my schedule was my schedule was really full, my time was a true asset for me. Now, that I have more time than I am use to having, I notice I need to give myself myself a time budget. Treating time as an asset has helped me put limits on things that drain my energy and reconnect to things that empower and support me. I find I need to do this repeatedly throughout the day and some days are better than others.

How have you used time as an asset in your life?



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