Opinions are like Apples (25 varieties)


Have you noticed when you walk into the grocery store there is a wide variety of apples? When I was growing up I remember there being 3 different types, red, yellow, and green. Now there are Pink lady, Java, and my new favorite Honeycrisp. 


I was surprised to learn there are 25 different varieties of apples. Maybe there has always been that many, and I haven’t paid close enough attention. Similarly, the increase in social media has highlighted a wide variety of opinions, which I find fascinating.



I have read about opinions on subjects I never thought to have an opinion about. There are times when my opinion is very different from the one I am reading. I find my go-to response is to react negatively and find the opposite point of view. I forget I have a choice to move closer and read more or step back and take a break, neither of which require a negative reaction to do so. Interestingly enough, in the medical field, I encourage my clients to get a second opinion especially if they find themselves feeling anxious or scared of the first opinion. I do wonder if taking this approach with opinions beyond the medical field could create more learning and less reactivity.


How do you respond to someone’s opinion that is different from


What have you learned from other’s opinions? 

What’s your favorite apple variety?


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