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Empowers her clients to take the lead in their own healing journey. Rather than focusing solely on areas of discomfort, she assesses the whole body and educates clients on interventional pain management with yoga therapy techniques including body awareness, stress management, and breathwork. Clients leave with a personal understanding of their bodies and valuable insights to cultivate health and wellness inspiring healing, empowerment and growth.


Upcoming Events

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So what about your Psoas and nervous system regulation at the restoration room will take students on a journey with one of the most powerful and deepest muscles in our bodies. Learn techniques to release, stretch, strengthening, and connect to your nervous system.
Soften into Silence is a local Tucson yoga retreat with Pamela Wilson and Jaimie Perkunas to embody and befriend your complete self
Gift of Boundaries in a LIVE ONLINE courses offered in AZ time starting October 15th 2024

“Jaimie is outgoing and non-judgmental. A friend kept telling me to see Jaimie and I kept putting it off. I wish I had listened a long time ago.”

— Gloria

“With Jaimie, every penny and minute I spent with her was worthwhile and informative.”

— Sarah


“Jaimie's questions, observations, and personalized visual aids make the one on one session a valuable learning experience.”

— Joe

“Jaimie gives a realistic amount of 'homework' that is easy to do, not overwhelming and best of all it's effective.”

— Marge 

Jenni is Jaimie's assistant who helps with scheduling and answering questions.

Meet Jenni

She is Jaimie's sidekick - although our names are very similar, we do different things. Jenni will help you schedule your appointment, answer your questions and help you navigate the technical features of our website.

Jaimie's Resources

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Jaimie's book, Therapeutic Answers to Common Yoga Pose Questions, is available on Amazon

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