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Jaimie is passionate about sharing her deep understanding of the body with you. Her unique therapeutic practice creates a safe and healing approach to yoga to bring out the potential in every body.


Gift of Boundaries
6 Sundays 
Oct 13th - Nov 17th 2024
2pm - 4

6 Week Transformative ONLINE Series

Explore your boundaries before the holiday season is upon us -

We will be diving into work from Brene Brown, Susan David, Kristine Neff and more.

Explore what's ‘OK & not OK’ for you; Practice feeling, stating, & establishing your boundaries;

Recognize your core values & develop practices to live in your integrity;

Become your own friend and establish a self compassion practice.



“Jaimie uses a calm, logical approach with attention to the whole person, not just a specific body part. She makes things so simple that you wonder, “how could this work?” but it does!

She gives a realistic amount of “homework” that is easy to do, not overwhelming and best of all it's effective."



Marge B. 


Meet Jenni

She is Jaimie's sidekick - although our names are very similar, we do different things. Jenni will help you schedule your appointment, answer your questions and help you navigate the technical features of our website.

Jaimie's Resources

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